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Plastic Surgery

Otoplastics (ear surgery)

OtoplastiaSurgery for correction of deformities of the outside ear is called otoplastics, and these deformities may be of genetic or traumatic origin, or caused by other types of illnesses.

Four main types of Surgery are carried out in this region:

• Stuck-out Ears: These are ears that project laterally, giving the impression of a ceiling fan;

• Large Ears: the ear can be large as a whole or only part of it – the upper or medium pole or the lobule – can be excessively big;

• Position of the Ear: it is possible to correct the position of the ear by raising it;

• Torn Lobule: a very common problem among women, mainly due to the use of ear-rings.

Stuck-out or protruding ears are generally assessed by the plastic surgeon when the patient is aged between five and seven years old, normally brought along by the parents worried about the aesthetic difference caused by this deformity. Some patients make use of surgery as adults, and the results thus obtained are equally satisfactory.

The best way of shedding light on your doubts concerning Otoplastics is scheduling an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Definitely he is the best person to look into your case and find the best way to reach the well-being you seek. It is at the appointment when all doubts are sorted out, and is also the moment when patient and plastic surgeon reach a consensus about the Plastic Surgery that is recommended, as also the best techniques and precautions.

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